I do research in the areas of machine learning and information visualization. I'm interested in closing the loop between interpretability and control of deep learning models, and more broadly in how humans interact with AI systems.

I'm currently a senior research scientist at Apple AI/ML.

Previously, I was a senior software engineer at Google Brain where I did research and engineering in machine learning, visualization and HCI as part of the PAIR team.

Before that I worked at Bocoup as a senior data visualization engineer, where I designed and built web based data visualizations for clients using open source technologies.

Prior to that I worked at the Visual Communication Lab at IBM Research, where I did information visualization research. Topics included visualizing large text corpora, timeline visualization and visualizing the behaviour of people in social networks.

Before the VCL I was a masters student in the Sociable Media Group at the MIT Media Lab. where I worked on projects that explored information visualization for everyday use and it's use as a visual language for communication and identity representation. Additionally, as part of my thesis work, I created tools to support open source style development in artist-programmer comunities of practice.

My career started at OBX Labs (an art research lab) where I worked on integrating typography and live human performance. OBX is located at Concordia University, Montreal where I received my undergraduate degree in Computer Science with a minor in Digital Image Sound and the Fine Arts (now known as Computation Art).

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